Aug 2013 13

A series of static images that attempts to construct and overlay meaning through the use of data analysis of the inherent digital structure of the files. Areas of analysis are pixel data, color selection, structure and organization.

permutation series
Nov 2012 14

The series of prints are generated from software that attempt to visualize permutation sets by generating unique patterns. [..]


First forays into interactive development – back when agencies had separate interactive departments and Flash was just a vector animation tool. [..]

Jun 2011 08


Posted In Student Work

Ecotones are transitional zones between adjacent ecological communities. In this interactive digital environment, the transition occurs between the physical and the virtual. This projected virtual rainforest enables interaction [..]

Feb 2011 01

Unveiled is a portrait series by Brady Vontran that developed from a portrait assignment in the Digital Photography class and was later commissioned by the University for a “Faces of UAT” project. [..]

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