As an educator, I promote a multi-disciplinary ideal of artist and technologist. I firmly believe that it is imperative to both engage students with creative and critically challenging ideas and empower them with technical problem solving skills in order to stimulate and enable their own personal development towards a language and process of creating contemporary digital art. I believe students’ growth and development benefits from a supportive and positive classroom environment conducted as a place of collaboration and shared discovery. This is possible by facilitating the classroom experience with multiple pedagogical approaches that address variant learning styles. Each moment of interaction with students inside and outside the classroom is an opportunity and obligation for mentorship towards refining aesthetic perception, building an appropriate dialogic vocabulary and instilling in students the skills necessary for further personal, social and cultural engagement.

My ultimate goal as a teacher is to participate in each student’s efforts to express their creative ideals and actualize their professional goals. I focus on providing a deep understanding of technology, theoretical frameworks and historical contexts to help establish personal ideas that will set students on the path to a passionate lifelong pursuit. To create a spark of interest and curiosity in a student, to encourage exploration and value their own ideas, or to look at and engage in the world with a newfound clarity, provides motivation and inspiration for me as an educator. I may not see these traits appear immediately, or perhaps even learn whether these goals are ever fully realized, but this potential is inherent in each student while they are in the classroom. As a teacher, this is always foremost in my mind when interacting with each individual student.