Aug 2013 13

A series of static images that attempts to construct and overlay meaning through the use of data analysis of the inherent digital structure of the files. Areas of analysis are [..]

permutation series
Nov 2012 14

The series of prints are generated from software that attempt to visualize permutation sets by generating unique patterns. [..]


First forays into interactive development – back when agencies had separate interactive departments and Flash was just a vector animation tool. [..]

Dec 2009 31

Chiasmus is a responsive and dynamically reflective, two-sided volumetric surface that embodies phenomenological issues such as the formation of images, observer and machine perception and the dynamics of the screen as a space of image reception. It consists of a square grid of 64 individually motorized cube elements [..]

Rapid Protype Forms Generated from L-systems
Nov 2009 20

Experimentation with L-systems to create patterns that are outputted into a STL (stereo lithography) file format. [..]

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