Dec 2009 31

Chiasmus is a responsive and dynamically reflective, two-sided volumetric surface that embodies phenomenological issues such as the formation of images, observer and machine perception and the dynamics of the screen as a space of image reception. It consists of a square grid of 64 individually motorized cube elements [..]

String Composer
May 2007 09

This multi- touch screen allows for the presentation of either a collaborative multi user or multiple input interactive project. In this instance, the program is compositional, allowing for the drawing of vector graphics [..]

Nov 2006 10

From the telegraph to modern live satellite feeds, a flattening of time and space has occurred via technologies concerned with communication and media. This occurrence prompted Paul Virilio to speculate upon the concept of chronoscopic time, a viewpoint based upon [..]

Nov 2006 01

Multiple video cameras placed at different angles and heights surround the subject and capture simultaneously. The resulting frames are superimposed upon each other and re-constructed through post-production techniques. [..]