Information Design for Print
Aug 2015 20

As technology enables the collection of an increasing and greater amount of data, today’s designer is challenged to help make insights possible through the graphical presentation of this information. This course serves as [..]

Digital Literacy
Sep 2014 07

This course is an introduction to programming as a medium to explore the creative potential of software. As a foundational course, this course introduces skills necessary [..]

Creative Thinking
Jun 2013 23

Creating is the process of finding and capturing ideas while playing, wandering, drifting, exploring, experimenting, floating. This course is designed to give students basic techniques which will [..]

Photo 1
Jan 2013 19

Photography is skill that employs both the left and right side of the brain in order to be done well. This course employs both technical and creative techniques while introducing students to [..]

Jun 2011 08


Posted In Student Work

Ecotones are transitional zones between adjacent ecological communities. In this interactive digital environment, the transition occurs between the physical and the virtual. This projected virtual rainforest enables interaction [..]

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