Jun 2011 08


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Ecotones are transitional zones between adjacent ecological communities. In this interactive digital environment, the transition occurs between the physical and the virtual. This projected virtual rainforest enables interaction [..]

Feb 2011 01

Unveiled is a portrait series by Brady Vontran that developed from a portrait assignment in the Digital Photography class and was later commissioned by the University for a “Faces of UAT” project. [..]

X-Ray Wall
Mar 2010 08

The X-Ray Wall is a project developed by UAT Software Engineering student Michael Lange and myself that evolved from projects from the Intro to Processing and Interactivity courses that I instructed. The installation consists of two web cameras recording activity on each side of a wall at eye level. The captured video of the environment [..]

Applied Multi-Touch Project
Dec 2009 30

Working closely with students, this project based course will design, prototype and build a multi-touch table utilizing DIY strategies and open-source technologies. [..]

Square Field
Nov 2009 10

From the Introduction to Processing class, the class worked on a group project led by James Grant to create an immersive and highly interactive audio/visual environment. [..]

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