Information Design for Print
Aug 2015 20

As technology enables the collection of an increasing and greater amount of data, today’s designer is challenged to help make insights possible through the graphical presentation of this information. This course serves as an introduction to the foundation of information design and the creation of static visualizations for print distribution. Students will learn to tell stories visually with data through the understanding of data types, graphic design principles, and current software tools.

Short Description:
Publications are increasingly using graphic visualizations to tell stories and quickly convey information. This course introduces students to the fundamentals of using data to create static visualizations.

Course Objectives:
• Distinguish between different data types
• Apply design principles
• Create legible, appropriate graphics
• Analyze visualization styles

Student Learning Outcomes:
1. Analyze effectiveness of an visualization’s presentation of data
2. Design visualizations that showcase data with appropriately chosen design strategies

Course Content and Scope:
1.Visualization Fundamentals

  • Defining audience needs
  • Understanding Data
  • Determining information hierarchy
  • Sketching ideas
  • Utilizing design principles


2. Print Based Visualization Tools

  • Understanding Illustrator tools
  • Formatting data
  • Using charts and graph tools


3. Creating Custom Infographics

  • Adding Values
  • Creating custom charts
  • Preparing files for print distribution

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